FertilAid for Men Success Stories

The follow are real testimonials and success stories from men and couples who have used FertilAid for Men.

I can not express how much my husband and I LOVE this product….After 3 weeks of him taking this—WE ARE EXPECTING!!!! I am telling everyone about this product! THANK YOU FERTILE-AID!!!! It helped us make our dreams come true!!!

My husband & I have been ttc for over 3 yrs & after numerous tests have discovered there is nothing wrong with me, but with his sperm count & the fact they are sluggish. In Dec09 he did a test & his count was 8, in April10 his count went down to 2.7 & we were told to start looking about other options to help us conceive as the possibility of us having a child naturally without help was highly unlikely. My husband just had another analysis done on July 3010 after using FertilAid for Men for 3 months & learned yesterday that his count is now at 40 million!!!  My husband has diabetes & cholesterol problems, & we firmly believe that with his diet changes, keeping his cholesterol & sugar controlled, taking FertilAid & lots of prayer God is working a miracle for us. We have hope like we haven’t had in a long time. When you’re told you may not have a child without medical intervention the blow is devastating when all you’ve ever wanted to become was a mother. My husband’s urologist told us just yesterday that this jump in count is remarkable & he wouldn’t be surprised if we have a surprise by December if his counts keep going up like this. If not, we are willing to try IUI just to give a little extra edge to have a baby. So it’s off to my doctor again in a couple weeks fuelled with new hope in our ttc journey. If you’re at the end of your rope, try this product. We know the pain & heartache involved when you so desperately want a child & can’t seem to have your dreams come true. To the makers of FertilAid, Bless you! Our hope is renewed & we can’t thank you enough!

My husband and I had tried for almost 4 years since his vasectomy reversal with no success. We even seen infertility doctors and were told we had “unknown infertility” but after using this product, along with my husband on Clomid to keep his count high,we are 7 weeks pregnant.

We used the male and female FertilAid and 1 month later we were pregnant! Our son is 13 months old now and I have recommended FertilAid to EVERYONE in my TTC community.

In Oct09 we were diagnosed with secondary infertility due to male factor. We ordered Fertilaid for Men. Hubby also started taking CoQ10, Vit E, Vit C, Fish Oil & Pycnogenol. He cut back his caffeine intake and stopped soaking in the tub. 3 Months later he went for another semen analysis. His count went from 30 million to 265 million. His motility went up from 46% to 51% and morphology went up from 3% to 6%. 3 days after his analysis we took a Home Pregnancy Test and it was positive, I think it was everything he did and was taking that helped us to get PREGNANT! Thanks FertilAid!

Hi, I have been taking this for two months and my sperm count has gone up significantly..

After trying to conceive (unsuccessfully) for almost a year, Ive ordered this product for my husband. I have to say, we’ve tried almost everything that could possibly help us conceive before this one nothing worked. When my husband started taking this, we got pregnant the same month! It does magic! I am 16 weeks pregnant now, and couldn’t be any happier!

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After trying for 2 years, my husband got his sperm count tested and it was bad news. The doctors said that we would have to take very expensive steps to become pregnant. I found this website and ordered a number of products, but my husband and I are convinced that FertilAid for Men did it for us. On our second cycle we were pregnant with boy-girl twins. We will use this product again!

My husband has low counts across the board after a semen analysis. I started giving him FertilAid for Men once a day. It was impossible to get him to take it 3x a day. He just had the test repeated(4 months later) and ALL his numbers are way above normal. The doctor said whatever he is doing he should keep doing it. I admit I wasn’t sure it would work. I am very pleased with this product.

After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 6 months, we had a sperm count done. Our doctor told us that we would not be able to conceive without some type of sperm manipulation. Not only was the count very low, but most of the sperm were deformed. The liquification of the semen was also 3x what is normal. After getting a second opinion which was the same as the first, we decided to start trying some new things. We got my husband on Fertilaid for Men, started using Preseed, I used ovulation test strips four times a day and we used Instead cups after intercourse. I was pregnant after my next cycle! I know that my husband was not on Fertilaid for Men for long enough for his sperm to be affected, that takes three months. But I can tell you there was a big change with in a few days in his semen. It was much thinner! It is my firm belief that FertilAid for Men, along with the aid of the other products I mentioned, made enough of a difference for us that we were able to conceive in the first month of using them. I know it sounds too good to be true, but with how inexpensive these products are compared to some of the procedures our doctors recommended, please just give them a try. We are so thankful we did!

After just one month of using FertilAid for Men we were pregnant. My husband wasn’t thrilled with taking anything, so I put them in his hand with a cup of water everyday and he reluctantly took them. He thought it was useless, but we are now expecting our baby boy and couldn’t be happier!!!

After 5 months of trying (unsuccessfully) my husband finally agreed to try Fertilaid for Men and lo and behold, the very next month we got pregnant! I would recommend this to anyone who’s having these same troubles. My husband wouldn’t write in but even he believes this product was responsible!

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